[BLOG] Welcome to Shopper Army 2.0

Shopper Army is a community of shoppers working together to find the best new products in the marketplace. They’re the individuals who thrive to be the first to know about and try new products - and who can blame them; with great rewards and fun shopping missions - Shopper Army makes it possible!

Given that Shopper Army is the place to come for New Product Discovery- it only makes sense that we also curate the Best New Product Awards! What is the Best New Product Awards? Celebrating product innovation, this credential is 100% consumer voted as determined by real shoppers like you. The Best New Product Awards is in its 15th year in Canada and 10th year in the US, making it North America’s most credible consumer packaged goods awards program. Over 30,000 of consumers participate from across the US and Canada, one of the largest surveys about new product development. Beyond the survey, we also rely on Shopper Army members like you to review new products that are in the running for this renowned award.

In addition, we also curate BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards - the 100% consumer-voted award that recognizes brand's most trusted consumer packaged goods. This award helps consumers find products from brands that other Canadians and Americans trust, for categories where peace of mind matters most. The Most Trusted Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Household & Pets, as well as Kids & Baby brands are ranked based on the greatest volume of mentions through top of mind responses for 115 categories that shoppers purchase in.

Both these credentials are in place to help you navigate the shopping jungle and discover the latest products from the greatest brands. These credentials are backed by an independent marketing research company BrandSpark International. This is how you can be sure that all our awards are fair, credible and very much determined by Shoppers Like You!

We have exciting news…

With a growing community over the past few months (shoutout to all the new members ), we decided to grow right there with you. We’re introducing an exciting, new platform that we’ve been working on over the summer. Not to fret, not much has changed...

Shopper Army members will still be able to receive exciting offers, free product, and have access to contests and surveys. But we wanted to share the fun with everyone - so non-members can also sort through new products, check out reviews and surf through our community posts to learn more about best new product discovery and Shopper Army benefits. We’re not stopping there though - our newest version of Shopper Army is going to be more rewarding than ever before! Invite your friends to be one of the OG members and you’ll be first to hear about exciting new offers, contests, and product giveaway (hint: there’s something big coming soon!!).

And remember to like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @ShopperArmy for updates on new products and exciting offers.

Enter our Kickoff contest to win up to $50 worth of prizes! The contest will be open until Friday October 20th!

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  1. The new site is fantastic! Easy to navigate, mobile friendly…heaps of appreciation for all the work that goes into keeping the army running smoothly. I really enjoy taking part in all the opportunities that come my way. Thanks gang!

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