[KICKOFF CONTEST] Welcome to Shopper Army 2.0

We’re excited to announce our newest edition of Shopper Army - helping all of our members discover best new products! To celebrate, we’re offering 20 winners a chance to receive a swag bag full of 2017 Best New Product Award winners. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be entered in the draw.

Potential products to be won:


Please follow us @shopperarmy on Instagram OR Facebook for future contests coming weekly!

Thank you for everyone who entered their ballot and congratulations to the winners (listed below)!! 

63 thoughts on “[KICKOFF CONTEST] Welcome to Shopper Army 2.0

      1. Hi Audrey! Yes you can still win if you don’t have Facebook or Instagram. Upon winning we will discuss an alternative sharing option! Best of luck 😊

    1. Congrats on your upgrades….there with you for a long time. Thank you for your time and effort and our chance to try new products!! Contests are awesome now to !!

  1. The contest is not posted on your Facebook page. Can you please advise when it will be so that I can complete part 2vofvthe contestvrules above?

    1. Hi Patty,you just have to like one of the social pages now, rather than the post itself – although we don’t mind doing both 🙂 Thanks for your participation – Brooke

  2. I’ve missed trying new products and sharing with Shopper Army about them. Glad to hear you’re still around and excited to see what new fun will be coming with the new website! 🙂

  3. You guys are so great and the new site/page is exciting. I’m looking forward to evaluating and testing new products! I love being a member of Shoppers Army. Thank you!

  4. What if you are not on social media and do not want to be on social media, are people like that filtered out for a reason, not everyone wants to be on facebook. I would like to enter the contest but feel left out because I am not on any of these sites nor want to be.

    1. Hi there! You can still submit a ballot and upon winning we will discuss a “sharing” option in turn for social media! Happy contest-ing 😊

  5. I like the new page very much, so much easier to navigate and choose from great products. The prizes are an extra bonus!

    1. Love to Win this$50 Wirth of Awesome products.love Shopper Army and been telling others how good this site is.Thanks for the chance.

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