[KICKOFF CONTEST] Welcome to Shopper Army 2.0

We’re excited to announce our newest edition of Shopper Army - helping all of our members discover best new products! To celebrate, we’re offering 20 winners a chance to receive a swag bag full of 2017 Best New Product Award winners. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be entered in the draw.

Potential products to be won:


Please follow us @shopperarmy on Instagram OR Facebook for future contests coming weekly!

Thank you for everyone who entered their ballot and congratulations to the winners (listed below)!! 

63 thoughts on “[KICKOFF CONTEST] Welcome to Shopper Army 2.0

  1. I may be confused 🤷‍♀️ I don’t the page where the products that may be available are at ? I received the email but when I click on it it does not open to any new information.

  2. omg,so very excited,i won a swag bag! first time i have ever won anything!! thank you so much shoppers army!

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