[🇱🇷US blog] How to Please the Entire Family During the Holidays

Prepping for the holidays can be exhausting and difficult, so we’ve put together a list of ALDI 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees the whole family will love!

For the kids

A roaring chicken alternative. Sometimes half the battle of bringing your kids to family gatherings is wondering what they’ll eat! We understand that kids can be picky, so cook up some ALDI Kirkwood Dino Nuggets to keep their palate pleased and their interest level at a ‘roaring’ high.  These fully cooked and microwavable nuggets don’t just allow for easy prep and clean up, but they’re made with all white-meat and a healthy alternative to other kid-friendly foods!

A delicious cheesy surprise. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that pasta is a no-brainer when it comes to feeding kids. The ALDI SimplyNature Organic Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Shells & Cheese are both so delicious, the kiddies won’t be able to resist. And you can relax, these pasta dishes are a great source of calcium and have zero trans fats, making it a healthier-than-normal option to serve to the young ones in your family.

For the adults

A Californian Holiday treat. Who doesn’t love a nice cozy glass of red wine with your holiday dinner? This ALDI Runik Red Blend wine has flavors of dark berries, caramel, toasted oak and hints of vanilla. It’s the perfect pairing to your favorite holiday meal. Mix it with ALDI Season’s Choice Mango or Tropical blends of Frozen Fruit and ALDI Specially Selected Premium 100% Juices for a holiday sangria! The added benefit of the vitamins and antioxidants in the wine, fruit and juices will leave you feeling great after a big meal.

For the non-drinkers. ALDI Benner Peach or Diet Peach Tea is a tasty alternative. With only five calories per bottle in the diet version, it’s a great option for those also looking to minimize their overindulging during the holidays.

For your taste buds

Zero guilt seasoning. Extra flavor oftentimes comes with extra calories, salt, or fat. But these ALDI Salt Free Seasonings by Stonemill will leave you surprised by how good everything tastes without all the added empty calories. Add to meats, vegetables, starches and even condiments! Offered in a variety of flavors, it’s the seasoning that keeps on giving.

Now that you have everyone in your family pleased with these added products, you can sit back, relax, and let your family entertain themselves. The greatest part of all is that there’s always leftovers 😉.

Win a cart full of these 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees in our contest, open now until January 10th, 2018. Let us know what tips and products you use to keep your family happy during the holidays in the comments below.

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  1. I love to make sure everything is prepped , diced and sliced! Give yourself time to prepare and make a list of all ingredients before heading to Aldi to get your recipe and menu together. That would be my best tip. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones .

  2. since it is just my 2 4 legged girls and i, my safety is more directed to my dogs. i dont put up any decorations. i make sure everything, that i can unplug is done before i leave the house, in case of a short, or storm. i do leave nite lights on at nite in the hallways and kitchen. i also have big lights that come on at dusk outside my house. i have other lights outside my house as well. i only use all natural/organic cleaning supplies. i do not use chemicals in my house. i try to limit the use of chemicals in my yard as well. i try to remember to wipe their feet each time they go somewhere with me, to protect them from viruses, canine flu, etc. when i do cook, i limit the amount of seasoning. i dont add salt, sugar, etc. to my foods. i usually cook foods that my dogs can enjoy with me, so i dont cook with anything they cant have. i put things in the fridge right after cooking, so they wont spoil and go bad. i clean out my fridge, cabinets, on bi weekly. i try to keep things simple, and clean up.

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