[Blog]: 4 Tips for Staying Active on your Period

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Being on your period doesn’t mean you have to halt your fitness and nutrition plan anymore! You can exercise, get moving, and eat your cake too! U by Kotex® Fitness products are uniquely designed for bodies in motion ideal for your time of the month when you want to get up, get moving and stay on track for your #goals.

Here’s some tips:

1. Eat a hearty breakfast

We know, we know, donut for breakfast just feels like the right thing to do this magical week, but why not fill up on some hearty oatmeal, eggs and toast or better yet, a stack of protein pancakes to get your metabolism kickstarted! Eating a fulfilling and nutritious breakfast won’t just help your hunger pains but during your period can also help stray off cramping, crankiness (*cough*cough* it happens to the best of us) and fatigue. Kick PMS out with a solid breaky.

2. Look good, feel good

Going to the gym in your oldest, but comfiest, track pants may seem like a good idea at the time but like the old saying goes “look good, feel good”. Throw on your new nylon leggings and a comfortable but fierce top and you’ll work that much harder on the elliptical! You’ll actually be tricking your brain that you feel great and that no period is going to take you down. Mind games work, even when you’re playing them on yourself.

3. Don’t be afraid to just go for it!

If you’re feeling motivated after your full tummy and cute outfit, give it your all! Gear up with U by Kotex Fitness tampons, pads or panty liners to prevent any peek-a-boo spotting, and get your gym on! Pump up that Beyonce and power through that workout you’ve been trying to do for weeks. Depending on where you are in your cycle your body may actually be prepared for a tougher workout!

4. Stretch it out

OK we may get that you’re not Kate Hudson and have countless hours to spend at the gym, but stretching or Yoga after a workout during your period is essential to your body feeling great! Powering through a few yoga moves is actually proven to detoxify your body and help improve your digestive system, organs, and muscle aches ‘n’ pains (including period cramping)! If you don’t have time for a full hour of yoga flow, then hit the mat and do the best you can. You’ll be surprised by how much better you feel after giving yourself a 10 minutes stretching it out.

U by Kotex has started their journey on helping women stay active and moving during their period with their Fitness product line. You can follow them along on social and include your stories under #itsnotmyperiod.

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