[🇨🇦 Blog] Quick Guide to Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas & Recipes

Valentine's Day is a day to express your love and gratitude to those special people in your life, whether it be a significant other, your kiddies, family or even your friends! Take the stress off your decision-making, and create a delicious Valentine's Day meal that will leave your partner, family or friends with a stomach full of tasty food and a smile on their face!

Try these recipes and meal ideas using these Best New Product Award Nominees that will be sure to win anyone over this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Breakfast

Start with a Valentine’s breakfast or if they’re lucky breakfast in bed!  Oats in particular are a great way to start off the day and make for a nutritious breakfast. Traditional steel cut oats usually take around 20-30 minutes to make, but now you can enjoy the hearty texture of steel cut oats in just 3 minutes using Quaker® Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. OR…you can enjoy a blend of oats, barley, rye, quinoa and flax seeds, all in one delicious bowl with new Quaker® Super Grains Instant Hot Cereal. These warm bowls of Quaker oats will be sure to leave everyone ready to start the day!

Healthy Salmon

Cook a simple and healthy salmon meal for a Valentine’s lunch or dinner! Salmon is easy and simple to make with Can't Mess It Up! The reverse sous vide technology locks in flavour and delivers an easy cooking method with wonderful taste in three delicious varieties: Teriyaki Cilantro Lime, Maple Dijon, and Honey Balsamic. Find it in the frozen aisle and mix up a salad, side of potatoes or veggies for the ultimate Valentine’s meal.

Four Cheese Risotto

Add in a quick Knorr Selects Four Cheese Risotto for a delectable side dish. The savoury flavours of cheese and risotto will have you slow down and savour every moment together. Top it with your favourite veggies and protein for a dinner worthy of your valentine!

Taco bout Love

Who doesn’t love tacos? With Tia Rosa® Taco Kit, you can have fresh Mexican tacos prepared in no time! Simply cook your favorite meat (or meatless) option with Tia Rosa® seasoning, and add your choice of fresh toppings as well as the Tia Rosa® sauce to the freshly baked tortilla. Tia Rosa® Taco Kits will leave you with flavor-filled tacos that embody the authentic taste of Mexico! And if tacos aren’t your thing, try the Tia Rosa® Fajita Kit!

(Just Enough) Dessert

There’s nothing worse than having tons of leftover treats during your New Year’s resolution health kick. Bake up the new Robin Hood® Just Enough Baking Mixes for the perfect portion, with varieties such as chocolate devil’s food mini cakes, chocolate fudge brownies, or chocolate chip cookies. You’ll have just enough for a sweet treat at the end of your Valentine’s day meal and zero left to tempt you the rest of the week 🙂

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Valentine’s Day cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these Best New Product Award Nominees to create easy meal options and find the way to your loved one’s heart through their stomachs!

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