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Having your summer looking hair and skin during the cooler seasons is possible, but only with the right products! These repairing and rejuvenating items will have wondering how you didn’t discover them sooner!

Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo

Glossy fresh and healthy looking hair doesn’t have to be a seasonal thing. This creamy lathering shampoo formula with 3x Liquid Keratin repairs damaged hair with deep reconstruction. With Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo, your hair will look and feel rejuvenated.

Gliss Ultimate Repair Express Repair Conditioner

Developed for heavily damaged hair, this high-performance formula with 3x liquid keratin precisely repairs damaged hair and replaces lost keratin leave you hair restored and combable.

Dial Body Wash - Coconut Milk

This coconut milk body wash is specially formulated to release moisture for up to 12 hours and leave skin feeling soft and moisturized. The natural scent of coconut will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great.

Schwarzkopf got2b - PhenoMENal Grooming Wax

Wax has its excellence in modeling and natural looking hair. Schwarzkopf got2b - PhenoMENal Grooming Wax helps you keep your look by keeping your hair in place throughout the day. 

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[Blog] How to keep your fresh summer look all Fall all Winter long

The time has come for most of us, the summer heat, days at the beach, and BBQs are over. The weather has turned a new leaf and the cooler temperatures tend to dry out your skin and hair tremendously. Keeping the moisture in your look everyday can be harder said than done. But not to fret, you can still keep your summer look throughout the fall and winter with the right routine! We’ve put together our top 3 tricks to keep your summer skin and hair, so while you may be in a cooler climate, you can look and feel the same!

Trick 1: Hair routine

The cold weather can really take a toll on your hair, making it look dry and dull! It’s important to take care of damaged looking hair during those cooler months. Keratin is a key nutrient that lives on the outer layer of your hair to protect your strands from damage. Try to look for damage repairing shampoo and conditioner combos, like Gliss Ultimate Repair Express duo that has a high-performance formula with 3X liquid keratin that precisely repairs damaged hair and replaces lost Keratin. This is key to keeping your locks looking healthy and restored!

Trick 2: Finding a body wash that works magic

Skip the bar of soap and look for a moisturizing alternative in the shower that can keep your skin moisturized and glowing long after those beach days are over. Organic ingredients such as aloe vera, honey and fruits are natural repairing ingredients for your skin, but nothing does it quite like coconut milk. It’s smoothing features will leave your skin feeling soft and it will also keep you smelling fresh all day long! Dial’s Coconut Milk Body Wash is the perfect solution.

Trick 3: Styling your hair

Once you’re out of the shower and have your hair and skin moisturized, it’s all about how you style yourself! Forget the cold-weather toque and add some product to your hair to keep your summer look up-to-season. Guys, we’ve got the perfect product for you! Using Schwarzkopf got2b PhenoMENal Grooming Wax will leave your hair looking effortlessly styled. The added benefit of wax is that it’s ingredients have less synthetics, which means less apt to dry out your hair like other products such as gel and hairspray!

So if you’re not ready to give up your summer look, don’t worry - these tricks and products will work wonders. Keep moisturized and styled while looking and feeling fresh at your next fall or winter outing!


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These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. Win a “cart full” of these great new products mentioned above in this limited time contest.