[🇨🇦 Contest] Valentine’s Day Meal & Recipe Guide

These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. The Best New Product Awards is North America’s most credible consumer-voted awards program. Each product nominated gets recruits from Shopper Army to try and share their honest feedback - which helps crown the winners with a Best New Product Award. Didn’t get a chance to be recruited? Now YOU have a chance to win a “cart full” of these great new products.

Win the Best New Product Award Nominees below and make easy meal options for your loved ones.

Tia Rosa® Taco and Fajita Kit

With freshly baked tortillas, meat seasoning and sauce pack, 

Tia Rosa meal kits are a convenient way to enjoy a flavourful authentic Mexican food for weekday dinners. Find them fresh in the bakery section of your local grocery store.

Robin Hood® Just Enough Baking Mixes

New Robin Hood® Just Enough Baking Mixes allow you to bake up just a few

 chocolate devil's food mini cakes, chocolate fudge brownies, or chocolate chip cookies every time. Perfectly portioned and easy for anytime you want a little treat, with no leftovers.

Can't Mess It Up! Wild Pink Salmon

Reverse Sous Vide technology cooks the salmon from frozen to perfection, locking in the juices in just 10 minutes. 

  • Boil water
  • turn off heat
  • Add salmon
  • cover for 10 minutes
  • Remove and Serve!

The salmon is responsibly sourced, contains no preservatives and is individually vacuum packed in a BPA-free pouch. Available in 3 delicious flavours of Teriyaki Cilantro Lime, Maple Dijon and Honey Balsamic.

Knorr Selects Four Cheese Risotto

Treat your taste buds with Knorr Selects Four Cheese Risotto, made without any artificial flavours or preservatives and is gluten free. Cook up this delicious dish that’s quick-and-easy-to-prepare!

Quaker® Super Grains Instant Hot Cereal

Quaker® Super Grains Instant Hot Cereal is a premium blend of oats, barley, rye, quinoa and flax seed. Made with 100% whole grain oats and real fruit, this 

is a nutritious cereal you can feel good about. Available in two delicious flavours: Apples & Cinnamon and Coconut & Honey.

Quaker® Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

Quaker® Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats are 100% whole grain oats that have been expertly cut to preserve their hearty texture and nutty flavour. Enjoy the texture and flavour of steel cut oatmeal, now available in a convenient format that gets you and your family going on the busiest of mornings!

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[🇨🇦 Blog] Quick Guide to Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas & Recipes

Valentine's Day is a day to express your love and gratitude to those special people in your life, whether it be a significant other, your kiddies, family or even your friends! Take the stress off your decision-making, and create a delicious Valentine's Day meal that will leave your partner, family or friends with a stomach full of tasty food and a smile on their face!

Try these recipes and meal ideas using these Best New Product Award Nominees that will be sure to win anyone over this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Breakfast

Start with a Valentine’s breakfast or if they’re lucky breakfast in bed!  Oats in particular are a great way to start off the day and make for a nutritious breakfast. Traditional steel cut oats usually take around 20-30 minutes to make, but now you can enjoy the hearty texture of steel cut oats in just 3 minutes using Quaker® Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. OR…you can enjoy a blend of oats, barley, rye, quinoa and flax seeds, all in one delicious bowl with new Quaker® Super Grains Instant Hot Cereal. These warm bowls of Quaker oats will be sure to leave everyone ready to start the day!

Healthy Salmon

Cook a simple and healthy salmon meal for a Valentine’s lunch or dinner! Salmon is easy and simple to make with Can't Mess It Up! The reverse sous vide technology locks in flavour and delivers an easy cooking method with wonderful taste in three delicious varieties: Teriyaki Cilantro Lime, Maple Dijon, and Honey Balsamic. Find it in the frozen aisle and mix up a salad, side of potatoes or veggies for the ultimate Valentine’s meal.

Four Cheese Risotto

Add in a quick Knorr Selects Four Cheese Risotto for a delectable side dish. The savoury flavours of cheese and risotto will have you slow down and savour every moment together. Top it with your favourite veggies and protein for a dinner worthy of your valentine!

Taco bout Love

Who doesn’t love tacos? With Tia Rosa® Taco Kit, you can have fresh Mexican tacos prepared in no time! Simply cook your favorite meat (or meatless) option with Tia Rosa® seasoning, and add your choice of fresh toppings as well as the Tia Rosa® sauce to the freshly baked tortilla. Tia Rosa® Taco Kits will leave you with flavor-filled tacos that embody the authentic taste of Mexico! And if tacos aren’t your thing, try the Tia Rosa® Fajita Kit!

(Just Enough) Dessert

There’s nothing worse than having tons of leftover treats during your New Year’s resolution health kick. Bake up the new Robin Hood® Just Enough Baking Mixes for the perfect portion, with varieties such as chocolate devil’s food mini cakes, chocolate fudge brownies, or chocolate chip cookies. You’ll have just enough for a sweet treat at the end of your Valentine’s day meal and zero left to tempt you the rest of the week 🙂

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Valentine’s Day cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these Best New Product Award Nominees to create easy meal options and find the way to your loved one’s heart through their stomachs!

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[🇨🇦 Contest] New Italian-Inspired Food Products

These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. The Best New Product Awards is North America’s most credible consumer-voted awards program. Each product nominated gets recruits from Shopper Army to try and share their honest feedback - which helps crown the winners with a Best New Product Award. Didn’t get a chance to be recruited? Now YOU have a chance to win a “cart full” of these great new products.

When the busy winter season comes knockin’ choose these italian-cuisine inspired items to make your life easier! Whether it be a family dinner, potluck with friends or a night in by yourself, these items are a simple solution to prepare a tasty Italian meal this winter season.

Olivieri Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi

Olivieri’s generously stuffed gnocchi is made with real potatoes, premium cheeses and fresh cream. The perfect dish to delight the entire family! Not a cheese person? Enjoy these Skillet Gnocchi in Original flavor! With preparation taking less than 5 minutes from start to finish, they truly are quick and easy to enjoy.


Catelli Protein Pasta

Fill up on protein without even realizing it. Catelli Protein pasta is full of protein and has the same great taste as all natural white pasta. Delivering a powerful 19g of protein per 85g serving will help you feeling fuller longer.

Giuseppe Panini

A perfect snack sized offering or compliment to the main dish, the Giuseppe Panini by Dr. Oetker is versatile for many occasions. In two different flavors, Bruschetta and Supremo, these Paninis will have your taste buds feeling good.

Ristorante Ultra Thin Kale, Bacon and Ricotta Pizza

Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Ultra Thin Kale, Bacon and Ricotta Pizza is a delicious twist on a traditional pie. It’s ultra thin crust with unique combination of Kale, Bacon and Ricotta toppings will help you enjoy the things you love without overindulging.

Grand Ferrero Rocher 240g

With a milk chocolate and hazelnut shell, crack it open to find 4 more delicious Ferrero Rocher inside! What’s more to love than the gift of chocolate!? 

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[Blog] The Perfect Italian Dinner for a Cozy Night at Home

This winter season, pick up one of Best New Product Award Nominees to make an easy and tasty Italian-inspired meal for friends, family, or just yourself! You don’t have to brave the cold, enjoy this delicious quick and easy meal from the comfort of your own home.

For the pasta lovers

What’s an Italian themed dinner party without pasta!? There are so many ways to make each pasta dish unique and you’ll be sure to please the whole dinner table with these favourites!

If you’re looking to put an unexpected twist on your dish, try Olivieri Cheese Filled Skillet Gnocchi! The cheesy stuffed potato ‘pockets’ will power your taste buds with deliciousness you didn’t think was possible.

Looking for an all-natural, vegan option that is packed with protein, then look no further than Catelli Protein pasta. With the delicious taste of regular white pasta, but with the added benefit of 19g of protein per serving.  Add you favourite pasta sauce and topping and serve this protein packed meal to your guests – easy peasy!

For the pizza lovers

Tired of traditional pizza? Level up from regular “za” and serve Giuseppe Paninis! With a crunchy base then topped with toppings of either Bruschetta or Supremo- these tasty Paninis will satisfy everyone’s pizza cravings!

If you’re still longing for the ‘real deal’, try a lighter option with Ristorante Ultra Thin Kale, Bacon and Ricotta Pizza, this new twist on a classic pie will leave you feeling guilt-free and your taste buds on a powerful high!

Both of these delicious Italian-inspired items are perfect for a main dish, appetizer or as a quick snack! They’re easy to make and delicious, but most importantly they’re a twist on the classic pizza pie that will leave your guests asking for more!

For the dessert lovers

All good meals end with a sweet treat! Serve the Grand Ferrero Rocher 240g to impress your guests with a grand finale. Unwrap the beautiful packaging and reveal the largest Ferrero Rocher you’ve ever seen. But wait…  crack the hollow shell open to find 4 more Ferrero Rocher chocolates inside!  Wow your guests and finish the meal with the delicious taste of milk chocolate and hazelnut!

Buon Appetito!

Now that we’ve helped you please the entire family or friend group with an Italian-inspired meal, it’s time to get cookin’! The added benefit is that all these products are quick solutions or easy to make! Enjoy a snack, meal, or appetizer quicker than it takes you to find Italy on a map.

Win a cart full of these Best New Product Award Nominees products by entering Shopper Army’s contest, open to Canadian residents until February 2nd, 2018.

[🇱🇷 US Contest] ALDI Holiday Giveaway

These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. The Best New Product Awards is North America’s most credible consumer-voted awards program. Each product nominated gets recruited from Shopper Army to try and share their honest feedback - which helps crown the winners with a Best New Product Award. Didn’t get a chance to be recruited? Now YOU have a chance to win a “cart full” of these great new products!

Having everyone happy during the holidays is what good memories are made of! Win a cart full of these ALDI 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees below:

ALDI Kirkwood Dino Nuggets

These dinosaur-shaped chicken breast nuggets are made with white meat only and contain no added steroids or hormones. They’re the perfect option for your little ones, with 0 grams of trans fat and 600mg OMEGA-3 fatty acids per serving, you’ll be feeding them healthy nutrients in the shape of fun animals. These ALDI-exclusives are the perfect option to keep a smile on your little one’s face.


ALDI SimplyNature Organic Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Shells & Cheese

What picky eater doesn’t like pasta? These macaroni products are a top choice for the picky or the young ones. These organic pastas are a great source of calcium and contain zero grams of trans fat per serving. It’s the perfect option for a meal on its own or as a side dish at your next Holiday gathering.


ALDI Runik Red Blend

The perfect pairing to any dish, whether it be BBQ steaks, grilled chicken, a charcuterie board or your holiday favorite, the ALDI-exclusive Runik Red Blend is the go-to option. With hints of vanilla, toasted oak, caramel and dark berries, you can close your eyes and envision yourself in the vineyards of California with this premium wine.


ALDI Season’s Choice Mango or Tropical Blend Frozen Fruit

Season's Choice Mango & Tropical Blend Frozen Fruit has no added sugars and is an excellent source of vitamin C. Save yourself the hassle of cutting and prepping, add them to your holiday sangria or throw them in a smoothie. You can’t go wrong with these delicious frozen fruit blends.


 ALDI Specially Selected Premium 100% Juices

These Premium 100% Juices are made from 100% pure juice. In flavors such as Cranberry, Black Cherry and Pomegranate, your taste buds won’t be left disappointed. Mix them into sauces, beverage concoctions or enjoy on their own. They’re the perfect refreshment for any party or gathering.

ALDI Benner Peach or Diet Peach Tea (6-pack)

Made with black tea leaves and offered in a six-pack, this ALDI-exclusive Benner Peach Tea can be enjoyed cold or hot! With the Diet Peach variety only containing five calories per bottle, the healthy folks of the family can enjoy it guilt-free.


ALDI Stonemill Salt Free Seasonings

The cherry on top of a great holiday meal is the salt free and zero calorie seasoning from ALDI-exclusive, Stonemill. Blend it into sauces and condiments or top it on your favorite dish. These spices won’t disappoint, and they pack a punch in a variety of flavors, including original, garlic & herb, lemon pepper and table blend.

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[Blog] Quick Tips For Eating Healthier on a Busy Schedule

Eating healthy can be hard and perceived as “time-consuming”, living a busy life can often leave what you eat as the least of your worries. As a result that often means the nutritional value in the food we end up eating is low and the calories are high. Leading a healthy lifestyle begins with your diet, because what you put in your mouth affects a lot more than your stomach! Good, nutritious food can impact your mood, activity level, skin condition, and more! Since staying healthy all starts with what you put in your body, follow and use these simple tips and Best New Product Award Nominees to make healthy eating a breeze on that go-go-go lifestyle.

Wake up and start healthy. Breakfast is one of the most forgotten about meals. Living a busy lifestyle often means the mornings are meant for preparing yourself for the day, but without ‘breaky’ being the priority, it often gets left uneaten! Make it easy with no extra prep and try an Astro Original Parfait with premium fruits and thick creamy Balkan yoghurt. Eat it at home or grab it on the go, this delicious parfait full of calcium will give your morning the kickstart you need!

It all starts with what you put in the pan. There are many benefits of adding healthy fats to your diet. Start with Becel with Avocado Oil, it’s a healthier option to cook your foods and a great source of Omega 3s. By using just 2 teaspoons (all you need to cook), you’re consuming less than 100 calories, carb-free, sugar-free and healthy fat and vitamin-rich of Becel goodness! Bonus - It’s also a great healthier and tasty alternative to spread on some toast!

Revamp your side dish with extra fibre. Staying healthy with a packed schedule means having a solution for dinner at the end of a long day. Don’t just focus on the main dish, but rather have the healthy and fibre-rich side dishes ready to pack your plate with lots of feel-good and fulfilling foods. Minute Rice ready to Serve Cups come in 2 new flavours White & Red Quinoa or Brown Rice with Wheat, Rye, Quinoa, Oats & Barley, they’re packed with protein and fiber to help you stay full. The added benefit? They go with practically anything! Add extra veggies and an egg to make an asian-flared side dish, or beans and corn to make your favorite spanish dish. These fibre-rich foods will save you from late night snacking and overindulging.

Make your main dish au naturel… with Maple Leaf Foods. Whether you’re vegetarian and need a nutrient-packed and filling main or you enjoy your meat and need something to awaken your taste buds, it doesn’t have to be complicated! Having a natural selection of the main event (the main dish), will have you inspired to eat a plate full of healthy and nutritious foods. Try oh naturel Black Bean Bites, Quinoa Mushroom Burger or Garden Vegetable Bites for a healthy, yet delicious alternative to any meat dish. If that’s not your preference, there’s always Maple Leaf Natural Selections Shredded Meats - add them to just about anything for a powerful punch of protein and a delicious family meal. Also be sure to pack up your leftovers (if there are any!) for lunch for the next day to help stay on track.

It’s not always about the foods you eat, but how you feel when eating them. These healthy tricks and products will not only leave you feeling better with all the nutrients they house, but your tastebuds will be on an all time high! Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or hard, we’ve made it easy with this curated this list of Best New Product Award Nominees to help.

Win a cart full of these Best New Product Award Nominees in our contest open now until December 8th. Let us know what healthy tips, tricks, and foods you add to make your lifestyle a little more nutritious and flavorful in the comments below.