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These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. The Best New Product Awards is North America’s most credible consumer-voted awards program. Each product nominated gets recruited from Shopper Army to try and share their honest feedback - which helps crown the winners with a Best New Product Award. Didn’t get a chance to be recruited? Now YOU have a chance to win a “cart full” of these great new products!

Eating healthy on a busy schedule can be tough, that’s why we’ve curated the perfect list of healthy foods from the Best New Product Award Nominees. From what you cook your food with, all the way to easy main dish items that pack a powerful and nutritious punch, these new products will help you eat healthy and make it through your busy day!

oh naturel! Black Bean Bites, Quinoa Mushroom Burger, & Garden Vegetable Bites

The ultimate proof that healthy eating can taste great! These new products from oh naturel! have the alternative protein punch that we’ve all been waiting for. With simple ingredients (talk about whole foods), nutrition and protein packed, plus the richness of flavour, these products are good for you, your family and the planet.

Maple Leaf Natural Selections Shredded Meats


Made with ingredients so wholesome, it will taste homemade. These shredded meats are slowly cooked until tender and lightly shredded. The selection of chicken, turkey or pork are equally juicy and packed with flavor for the ultimate protein-packed dish without the mess of preparing it yourself.

Minute Rice Ready To Serve Cups - White & Red Quinoa or Brown Rice with Wheat, Rye, Quinoa, Oats & Barley


The perfect serving size of preservative-free, artificial flavor and color free rice. This ultimate side dish is easy to prepare and can be eaten hot or cold! Simply prepare, serve and enjoy. With so many options to add your favorite vegetables, meats, or proteins for a complete meal, it’s also powerful enough to be enjoyed on its own. Try it today in 2 new flavors. *Currently only available in Quebec

Becel with Avocado Oil


You don’t need to give up your love for the great taste of Becel with this one. The added benefit of avocado oil makes a perfectly balanced, and nutrient-packed oil to be a solid base for any meal! Enjoy it on it’s own, in a recipe, or on a dish to make it extra delicious. Becel with Avocado Oil margarine is the ultimate powerhouse of healthy nutrients and flavorful taste.

Astro Original Parfait


The delectable fruits topped with thick creamy Balkan yoghurt makes this natural tasting parfait a thing of delectable beauty. With only a hint of sweetness, this parfait can be enjoyed as a snack or a light meal experience.

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