[🇨🇦 Contest] New Jamieson Products to Stay Healthy this Winter

These products are 2018 Best New Product Award Nominees. The Best New Product Awards is North America’s most credible consumer-voted awards program. Each product nominated gets recruits from Shopper Army to try and share their honest feedback - which helps crown the winners with a Best New Product Award. Didn’t get a chance to be recruited? Now YOU have a chance to win a “cart full” of these great new products.

Finding the right routine and products to combat the winter cold and flu season can be tough! We’ve compiled a list of Best New Product Award Nominees from Jamieson to help you stay healthy this winter. 

Jamieson Glucosamine Turmeric Complex

Jamieson Glucosamine and Turmeric combines two powerful ingredients that help to reduce inflammation to help maintain healthy cartilage for natural joint pain relief.


Jamieson Omega-3 + Turmeric with No Fishy Aftertaste

Combining the heart health benefits of premium omega-3 fatty acids and turmeric’s anti-inflammatory role, this product can help reduce cholesterol and promote heart health in just one daily dose! Its natural lemon essence also ensures there’s no unpleasant fishy aftertaste.


Jamieson Prenatal 100% Complete Multivitamin – Chewable

The first chewable prenatal vitamin in Canada with 100% of your daily recommended vitamins needs. Enriched with iron and folic acid to ensure expecting and nursing mothers are getting the essential nutrients they need for their baby’s optimal brain development and overall health, plus it tastes delicious!

Jamieson Cold Fighter

The cold fighter helps keep the early signs of cold and flu at bay by fighting sore throats, coughs & congestion and boosting the immune system. The 4 Natural cold fighting ingredients, that come in an all-in-one chewable or softgel, are a powerhouse to fight away your sickness symptoms.

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44 thoughts on “[🇨🇦 Contest] New Jamieson Products to Stay Healthy this Winter

  1. Hoping to win these amazing products just picked up my Jamieson Glucosamine Tumeric Complex Joint and Pain Relief 60 caplets with Shopperarmy offer my back and knees are so sore today time to try these out

  2. I only use Jamieson because they are gluten free and lactose free! Following Shopper Army and Jamieson on Facebook @AlayneStewartLangford and Shared this article on Twitter @AlayneLangford ty

  3. Wow this would be amazing to win.my new year resolutions was to take better care off my health and to eat more fruits and vegetables.

  4. Got a chance to try the Glucosamine & Tumeric and was very pleasantly surprised at its effectiveness. Would love to try other products.

  5. I love Jamieson products, they make some of the better tasting chewable’s and have a variety of sizes and shapes that are easy to swallow.

  6. I would have osteoarthritis and osteopenia in most of my joints. I am interested to know if the Omega 3 +tumeric would help me.

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