[🇨🇦 Contest] What to Buy at the Dollar Store

There are always ways to save money when getting your household goods, groceries and other everyday items. But one reliable way to save money is at Dollar Store. We asked YOU, our Shopper Army members ‘What is the one item you buy at the Dollar Store?’ and received over 400 responses. Watch the video below where Robert Levy joins the Global TV Morning hosts to play a fun, yet informative game on products you can save on at Dollar store - all fueled by Shopper Army feedback!

Dollarama Contest Giveaway

We've decided to conduct an extra contest, as a big thank you to all our Shopper Army members who gave us feedback.  We started our shopping trip at Dollarama since it was named the most trusted discount store in Canada in the 2017 BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards study.

Now, enter to win a $50 Dollarama gift card by submitting your email below. We will announce a winner on Thursday December 21st.

For "brownie points", share this contest with your a friend who is a frequent dollar store shopper.

44 thoughts on “[🇨🇦 Contest] What to Buy at the Dollar Store

  1. Living in Hamilton, Ontario we have Dollarama Stores everywhere. I have one right round the corner from where I live. I go there at least 4 to 5 times a week. It has so much to chose from always stocked and new items on their shelves. Well organized, friendly staff, great lower prices and even on many brand name products. I buy my pet supplies, haircare products, even my hair dye, personal hygiene products, snacks, craft supplies, holiday decorations. condiments, food, household cleaners and so much more. I really wish years ago when I was moving into my first apartment Dollarama was around. It really has helped many families have what they need at affordable prices. I really appreciate and will keep shopping at Dollarama.

  2. Always shop at Dollarama for cooking utensils and shower curtains. Their prices are amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win $50 to spend at Dollarama.

  3. I am a huge fan of Shopper Army and Dollarama, both save me money..Thanks for the great contest and the wonderful video.

  4. I love Dollarama for buying cheaper products like big bottle of hand soap to big cans of deodorizers for only $2.00 compared to 5 or 6 bucks in other stores all kinds of household items,food even greeting cards

  5. I buy all sorts of things, but I often pick up wrapping paper, cards and bows. My husband always picks up a chocolate bar, usually a Mars bar.

  6. I always buy birthday party supplies, gift wrap and bags as well as colouring books at dollarama. You can’t beat their prices!! Thanks for the contest!

  7. I always purchase my platters and bowls used to take food to different events during the holiday season. That way you don’t care if you get it back or not because you have only spent a few dollars and not lost your favorite dish. It can also be awkward asking for it back.

  8. The one thing I always buy at Dollarama….craft supplies!

    Thank you for the contest Shopper Army! Happy Holidays 🙂

  9. Thanks for the contest, I always buy Siracha sauce, it’s over 4 dollars at the grocery store!

  10. Awesome!! I usually buy my laundry and cleaning products there along with my drinks and snacks and cat food and is about the only place I buy my cigarettes at. I love dollar store

  11. I live at the dollar store I buy stuff and put my own spin on some things and they look like I got it at a luxury store. And products at the dollar store are just getting better so I’m getting even more creative love it!!

  12. LOVE the dollar store spend lots of money there monthly, always great deals to be had. thanks for the chance

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