[Blog] 3 New Products to Improve your Laundry Routine

With new household and laundry products popping up frequently, it’s often hard to know which are going to take your laundry routine from good to great! To make things easier we’ve got 3 Best New Product Award Nominees that can help change the way you do laundry. Improve your routine with these great new laundry products and leave your clothes looking clean, feeling soft, and smelling great.

1. Gain Botanique

Go Green and try Gain’s first laundry detergent made from 65% plant-based ingredients in 2 amazing scents of White Tea lavender and Orange Blossom Vanilla. This lightly scented detergent with plant-based ingredients will leave your clothing smelling like nature all day.  Make the switch to this plant-based alternative and you might agree that it’s the best Gain yet.

2. Tide PODS Plus Downy

Make it easy...For all those busy, on-the-go individuals, it’s one less thing to worry about! Tossing in a Tide POD makes laundry that much easier. And now, you can get the cleaning of Tide with the conditioning of Downy in just one step. With the perfect doses of detergent, stain remover, brightener and Downy Fabric Protect, this little ninja will clean & protect  those clothes you’re too afraid to wash (you can stop putting your jeans in the freezer now!)

3. Downy Infusions Lavender Serenity In-Wash Scent Booster

Add a Boost to your weekly laundry! This in-wash scent booster will grace your senses with the soothing smell of Lavender and Vanilla all day long!  These tiny and touch-activated beads burst with perfume as your wear your clothes, and they help keep fabrics fresh in the closet for up to 12 weeks!

Try these products

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    1. I want to try all these out as well ! I am kind of set in my ways so change my mind shopperarmy!!! Please and thank you

  1. I would love to try and I have a mouth that can spread the word how Great the products works or if not good thanks

  2. All these brands work amazingly well. Would really like to try these new products. Unfortunately, brands can be quite expensive for someone like me, on a very tight budget. Thanks for the opportunity to try your products.

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